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Dreamy farmhouse and ranch

Welcome to Wildflowers Ranch! We are so excited you are here!

Being a mama of two little girls was never something I thought I would be. I always thought I would have boys because surely the angels above would know I am not girly enough to be a mother to little ladies. I’ve always been more comfortable in a “boys world”, in jeans and t-shirts on an adventure, than trying to compete with the intimidating babes in make-up and heels. Although my mama tried!

My husband and I were married in 2006 when we were basically just kids, and moved to Japan as he was on active duty with the United States Marine Corps at the time. We lived in Japan for three years, and were able to experience the island together when he was not deployed. Although we enjoyed the experience, it was a difficult time and he deployed twice to Iraq. During that time, we both longed to buy some land and move to the country. Quite a few of our letters when he was deployed discussed our future home and life together.

He was raised in Missouri and raised country as well. Although I have lived in a variety of places, including Sweden, Japan, Virginia and all over California, I knew someday when it was time to raise babies, we would raise them on a ranch, ‘Where the green grass grows’ just like our ‘buddy’ Tim McGraw sings about! Ironically this song has come on the radio for every large life decision we have made, including when we bought our farmhouse. I take it as a sign!

When my husband left the Marine Corps, we moved back to Virginia for a bit, where we both worked for a defense contracting company. Although we appreciated the experience, we both knew we wanted to be near family before we had children. One night we both decided that it was time to leave, we didn’t have much of a plan, but we were determined to make a change. I laugh now thinking about the song ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ since that is basically how we decided whether to travel east or west to find our home. Tails won. We quit our jobs and within 3 days were road tripping back across the US with our two dogs in our pickup.

Porch roses in the summer afternoon

A few short years later, we were blessed with our first sweet baby, Vivien Rose, in 2013. Her sister, Scarlett Grace, followed in 2015. The irony in life is no matter how terrified I was/am about having girls, I was blessed with these two little wildflowers to raise. It is important to us to raise our daughters to be strong, independent, kind and confident women. I believe raising them on a ranch allows us to teach them about the fruit that hard work yields, to learn empathy and compassion for others from the animals we raise, and gain appreciation for the land that comes from living in wide open spaces, providing a deeper sense of self.

Right after we celebrated Christmas in 2016, I was driving the girls home from my parents house and was forced take a detour into the country due to some construction. At the time we were still living in our first home, a cute suburban house in a great little neighborhood. We loved that house, especially since our neighbors were some of our best friends, but had been itching to buy the acreage we had dreamed of for so long. I had seen homes in this small country town for a while, as I am a huge sucker for browsing real estate listings, but had never seen anything that jumped out. While on the detour, I took a turn down the wrong road, but before I could turn around, I drove up to this beautiful two story farmhouse. It was idyllic, with its wrap around porch and white fences. Yes, ‘Green Grass Grows’ was playing when I drove up! I sent my husband a picture of my dream house right before I noticed the “For Sale” sign on the road. After some very stressful negotiations and a 14 day window to sell our home, we were the new owners of our dream home.

We decided to name our new property, Wildflowers Ranch, after our beloved daughters, as after all, this is for them.